Nature my inspiration

My work has always been inspired by nature and all that surrounds us.

The world is a marvelous thing with a tiny miracle just around the corner, as long as you know where to look

Traveling is simply the best way to find new things. wether traveling means going for a hike in you own neighborhood. or taking it a step further and travel to remote countries with different ideals and believes and just as importent an change of scenery. The world we live in has about 195 counties with all of them their own habits and beauty to be explored. But never forget where you are from cause even there is a lot more to be found as long as you just open your eyes for what might be out there.

The Netherlands, my home for my entire life so far. I was born and raised in a town called Apeldoorn, with a forest on one side a semi modern city on the other, fields of sand just around the corner and an old palace where royalty once lived.

A home to let your imagination fly free. to create new things, new world that may only exist in my mind. I found my outlet in many forms. From drawings to sculptures and old techniques like etching.

Imagination, the starting point for anything

Whenever you want to be creative, start with imagining the "what if's". This world is filled options an opportunities as long as you dare to act but more importantly dare to dream. Dream of what might be when you turn something around. When walking trough the streets, looking to the stone cold floor. just look closer to the colors and the changes in it. There might be a pattern left there by the rain. Yet what does that show you, and what does it mean to you. is it just a stain on the floor or is a landscape, a creature running through the night. It all depends on your point of view and what you mind is willing to make of it.

The effects of (moon)light

All light effects the way we see things and by extension how we see the world.

To me the moonlight can make the world shimmer an shine with a magical touch